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Days of the week.

This basic lesson will teach the days of the week.
Each day of the week has a sentence about that day to make it easier to understand. Some basic question and answer examples are also shown. Each day is written in both Urdu and English text.

(Haftay keh din) Yeh aasan sabaq aap ko din aur haftay sikhaye ga. Har din aur haftay keh saath aik jumla ho ga ta keh aap ko samajhnay mein aasani ho. Thoray aasan sawal aur jawaab aap ko diyay jayen gay. Har din angrezi aur Urdu mein likha ho ga.

Urdu days of the week intro

Days of the week

Urdu days of the week


Somwaar / Peer













Urdu days of the week every

Every Monday

Har somwaar / peer

Every Tuesday

Har mangal

Every Wednesday

Har budh

Every Thursday

Har jumeraat

Every Friday

Har jumah

Every Saturday

Har haftah

Every Sunday

Har itwaar

Urdu days of the week this

This Monday

Iss somwaar / peer

This Tuesday

Iss mangal

This Wednesday

Iss budh

This Thursday

Iss jumeraat

This Friday

Iss jumah

This Saturday

Iss haftah

This Sunday

Iss itwaar

Days of the week sentences

Urdu days of the week examples 1 orange car

Every Monday, I drive a car.

Har somwaar ko mein gaari chalata hoon.


Every Tuesday, I go shopping.

Har mangal ko mein khareedari kurta hoon.


Every Wednesday, I eat pizza.

Har budh ko mein pizza khata hoon.


Every Thursday, I eat fruit.

Har jumaraat ko mein fruit khata hoon.


Every Friday, I pray.

Har jumay ko mein ibadat kurta hoon.

grey shoe

Every Saturday, I wear shoes.

Har haftay ko mein jootay pehnta hoon.


Every Sunday, I play football.

Har itwaar ko mein futbaal khulta hoon.

Questions and answers

Urdu days of the week questions answers

What day is it?

Keya din hai?

It is Thursday.

Aaj jumaraat hai.

What day is tomorrow?

Kal kon sa din hai?

Tomorrow will be Friday.

Kal jumah hai.

Is it Friday today?

Aaj jumah hai?

No, it is Thursday.

Nahe. Aaj jumaraat hai.

Urdu days of the week examples 2 red apple image

This Monday, I ate an apple.

Iss somwaar ko mein nay sayb khaya tha.

blue butterfly image

This Tuesday, I saw a butterfly.

Iss mangal ko mein nay titli dekhte thi.

black cat image

This Wednesday, I saw a cat.

Iss budh ko mein nay biley dekhte thi.

green wasp image

This Thursday, I saw a wasp.

Iss jumaraat ko main nay bhar dekhte thi.

white light bulb image

This Friday, I changed a light bulb.

Iss jumay ko mein nay bulb badla tha.

yellow car image

This Saturday, I drove a car.

Iss haftey ko mein nay gaari chalai thi.

silver paperclip image

This Sunday, I used a paperclip.

Iss itwaar ko mein nay paper clip istemaal kya.

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