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Are you finding learning Urdu or English difficult?

It is easier to learn a new language if you already know a language. This website will help you to learn Urdu or learn English. We provide free on-line Urdu English lessons. We can also help you to pass both the life in the UK test and UK driving test.

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  • A new lesson has been added called Shapes. 31 beginner, 2 intermediate lessons available.
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    Urdu English Lessons

    We provide a variety of self study lessons for users to help them improve their Urdu and English. This includes Urdu translations as well as images, audio and video to help the user learn English faster. Lessons will be gradually added to the website.


    Life in the UK test

    The Life in the UK test is one of the two ways to achieve indefinite leave to remain in the UK. It consists of a 45 minute test with 24 questions, 18 questions need to be answered correctly in order to pass. This section is split into 3 parts.


    UK driving test

    The UK driving test consists of the practical driving, the hazard perception and theory tests. We provide learning material to help you pass the theory test which consists of sample questions, hints and tips. We also help with learning the highway code. There are 3 parts to this section.

  • Urdu English lessons status

    All lessons are split into 3 sections. There are currently 31 beginner lessons available and 2 intermediate lessons are available. Each Urdu English lesson contains easy to follow words and sentences to help explain topics.

  • Life in the UK test status

    The first part contains 0 questions and answers. The second part contains 0 hints and tips. Once complete, the final part will show users randomly generated Life in the UK tests. The user will also be able to customize the test.

  • UK driving test status

    The first part includes 0 questions and answers. The second part contains 0 hints and tips. The last part will show users sample driving tests with 50 questions on each test, which will be customizable by the user.